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More About Therapy for ADD

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is generally described as problems of inattention, forgetfulness, and distractibility. Ironically, another characteristic is the ability to focus like a laser on something you find interesting or fun. These symptoms occur in children and adults, females as well as males. When there are also problems of behavior control, being impulsive or hyperactivity present we call it ADHD.

My clients struggling with ADD complain of difficulty concentrating, staying focused, and managing strong emotions. They tend to procrastinate, be impulsive, and are prone to emotional outbursts. These symptoms cause my clients to perform below their potential on the job or at school. Their disorganization and lack of follow-through creates conflict. Many times coping with these symptoms can cause additional problems like depression or substance abuse. Often, it is these secondary problems that can actually provide the impetus for seeking help and it is only in addressing these problems that the underlying ADD becomes apparent.

Relationships suffer. Parents feel that they are constantly nagging. They see their children as lazy or defiant. When you are dating someone with ADD, initially, when the relationship was fresh you had their full attention but now…you’ve fallen off their radar. If you are married to someone with ADD – you may have become resentful from years of being on the receiving end of a lot of the forgetfulness, procrastination, and disorganization.

Counseling and coaching for ADD is very effective in helping the ADD sufferer manage their symptoms, make changes, and improve their relationships. Because there are many options for help (in-person CBT, coaching and e-coaching, relationship counseling), a treatment program can be customized to every client’s needs.