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Relationship and Marriage Therapy

Helping a couple find their way back from enemies to friendship and close connection is a specialty of mine. I was among the first marriage and family therapists to be licensed in Illinois and have worked with hundreds of couples since. I have been trained in Family Mediation and Conflict Resolution. Even if only one of you wants to save the relationship or is interested in counseling you can still make a positive impact on the problems.

Coaching for Couples

Coaching is for couples who do not need intensive problem-driven therapy. Coaching is for couples who have a clear goal and want someone to partner with them and guide them in achieving their goal. Types of coaching for couples include Enrichment Coaching (e.g., enriching intimacy by "keeping the flame alive"), Parent Coaching (e.g., establishing parenting plans, blending different styles, or proactive step-parenting), and Divorce Coaching for couples who want guidance on how to minimize the damage and establish an amicable, child-focused plan for the future.